Dr. Bob's HandCrafted Ice Creams

Small-batch, hand-mixed and hand-packed premium ice cream noted for its unique flavors,
quality ingredients and richness.

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Dr. Bob has created over 60 ice cream flavors and also produces sorbets, sherbets and non-fat yogurts.

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Our ice cream is available in retail stores in California and across the country. Find a store near you.

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We can ship six pints or more of our ice cream overnight to anywhere in the continental United States.

Dr. Bob's Today Show Feature

Recently, Dr. Bob's HandCrafted IceCreams was featured on the Today show as the cast enjoyed some of our Really Dark Chocolate live on air and discussed the top mail-order food items during their "Commen Sense" segment.

"I have to say I order ice cream online because sometimes you just want a particular ice cream. It's fabulous!" - Jean Chatzky

"Take two pints and call me in the morning." - Al Roker

Why not take six? Choose your favorite Dr. Bob's flavors in our online store and we'll ship a six-pack to you overnight. Be sure to add the limited edition Fresh Peach pint to your order while supplies last.

The Today team goes for a dip

About Us: Our Story So Far

Dr. Bob's HandCrafted IceCreams is a high butterfat, intensely flavored ice cream created in 1999 by Dr. Robert Small, a professor at Cal Poly University in Pomona, California. A lover of ice cream since early childhood, Bob wanted to produce a premium ice cream using only the finest ingredients available worldwide offering an alternative to major brands.

Dr. Bob won so many gold medals at the Los Angeles County Fair that they asked him “If we build an ice cream plant for you will you come?” The answer was yes and this is where Dr. Bob’s IceCreams resides today. In addition to his success at the Los Angeles County Fair, Dr. Bob's has received widespread recognition for its ice cream from national, state and local media including featured segments on the Food Network and The Today Show.

Dr. Bob currently sells his ice cream to specialty retail stores, restaurants, hotels and clubs throughout California and the US, developing unique flavors in the wholesale market and has 6-Packs available for purchase online. Just wait until you sample the best ice cream you've ever tasted.